Your mamma’s so fat…

Among the theological geekery, we take all the tangents in this episode. We talk about seeking and seeing, the light within, and lots of silly off-topic stuff too.

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Talk Gnosis After Dark #54

One thought on “Your mamma’s so fat…

  1. Go back a few thousand years.
    When you are no longer hypnotized by the distractions of daily life, you may try, perhaps hard to avoid, oil lamp or candle flame gazing meditation ?
    What do you see ? Perhaps an analogy to an experience ?
    Perhaps that You are like the candle flame ?
    Look, see that within the candle flame there is an inner flame.
    Logion 24. …. there is light within a man of light and he lights up the whole world. If he does not shine he is in ignorance.
    Know yourself as the inner flame. The ‘homunculus’ within. The voice that is crying for help. The ‘You Jesus’ hung on the human skeleton ; … showing You the place where You are …..
    Use the oil, candle flame to remind yourself of your situation from which you need to be extricated.
    Yes, you do need to strengthen the inner flame by ‘The Work’ maybe ?

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