Waking Up to the Cosmos with Meditation

Don’t just do something…sit there. It’s time to pull out the meditation cushion and plop yourself down and get meditating, whatever your style might be. Centering prayer, mantra meditation, the bodyscan, there are so many techniques and so many methods, and we come at them from the Gnostic perspective. Bishop Tim Mansfield and Father Tony join our hosts Bishops Lainie and Ken to get contemplative on the topic of meditation and find out how mindfulness can aid in our quest for Gnosis.

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Talk Gnosis After Dark #42

2 thoughts on “Waking Up to the Cosmos with Meditation

  1. Meditation or contemplation techniques on how to exodus from Egypt, the physical realm. The ten plagues to overcome, which the body and mind bombards you with, to try and stop you reaching and crossing the buffer zone of the red sea to the state of untouchable peace, the promised land. Whatever works for you is the correct way ; experiment but keep it simple and enjoy. Excellent after dark conversation and Tim was very easy to listen to ; open up a ”Tin of Tim” and enjoy the information ; thank you. The red sea zone is full of perils ; so many traps in the mire, especially the emotion of empathy to distract and stop you in your ‘ascent’.

    1. A follow up on the buffer zone, red sea notion of being in the mire. (and the realm of ghosts)
      Today I had a flash thought, that when we dream, night or day, we enter into the red sea area …… ‘watch, do not sleep’ ; someone once said when trying to contact their androgynous Twin.
      I know myself to having a body and soul, but in them I am, an imprisoned Spirit.
      Dreams during sleep, and sometimes during ‘medi-contemplation’, are muddled and are of this realm ; they come from the gaoler soul not the Spirit. They are the weights that sink you into the mire. Paying no heed to the weights of dreams, you learn to ignore these traps ; thus you become enlightened of this realm and able to cross the mire of the red sea to the the Realm of Spirit, where we belong.
      The red sea equals the realm of dreams of the narcotic soul.
      Sounds good to me, hahaa.
      Narcotic soul is accurate ; it keeps us feeble and barely conscious, but we can enchant it. If we really want to.

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