Voudon Gnosticism w/ Frater Vameri

In this Talk Gnosis we find out all about one of the most unique and wild spiritual systems in the world: Voudon Gnosticism. Frater Vameri has a new book all about it and is our guide to the syncretic magical system that’s inspired by a range of influences like Haitian Vodou, Gnosticism, Kabbala, and other esoteric traditions….as well as insights and teachings from the spirits themselves. The book meticulously details the practices of Voudon Gnosticism, guiding readers on how to communicate with the Lwas (spirits) and foster relationships with them. Vameri also traces the rich history of this tradition, highlighting influential figures such as Martinez de Pasqually, Lucien François Jean-Maine, and Michael Bertiaux. Through this work, Frater Vameri also empowers readers to construct their own magical universe, guided by the revelations of the Lwas. Get the book at: https://www.innertraditions.com/books/voudon-gnosticism Get more Frater Vameri at: https://www.eduardoregis.com/
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