Violence, Empire, & Healing: The Letter of Peter to Phillip w/ Dr. Shirley Paulson

Join us as Dr. Shirley Paulson returns to dive deep into the riveting “Letter from Peter to Phillip,” shedding light on the resilience and strategies of early Christ followers in the face of violence and imperial oppression. This gem of a text, though brief and nestled in the treasures of the Nag Hammadi Library, stands outside the traditional Christian canon, yet it packs a punch with profound insights and transformative advice on healing from the shackles of empire. Explore the astonishing influence that narratives and mythos, often categorized as Gnostic, can have on our lives, offering insightful perspectives and paving the way toward personal strength in the face of suffering.Don’t miss out on exploring how the timeless wisdom enclosed in just a page or two resonates with our contemporary challenges, making the “Letter from Peter to Phillip” startlingly relevant to our current moment. Dr. Paulson, along with another renown scholar, Dr. Hal Taussig have an online course all bout “The Letter from Phillip to Peter” and we found it to be incredible, check it out at
Healing Violence in the World: Letter of Peter to Philip
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