UFOs: Myth, Jung, & What They Really Mean w/ Dr. David Halperin

Take a moment to prepare yourself to find out the true meaning of UFOs! No, Talk Gnosis isn’t going down a sensationalist road for easy clicks, instead we have religious studies scholar Dr David Halperin on the show to talk about his insightful and meaningful book “Intimate Alien”. A poetic investigation into how UFOs are a MYTH in the grandest sense that reveal aspects of ourselves and our society and carry a message that humanity NEEDS to hear, Dr. Halperin’s book explains how the UFO is a psychological and gnostic vision that speaks to us in an archetypical way. Tune in to find out what the Men in Black have to do with a 17th century Kabbalist, the Gnostic war between good and evil found in the Shaver Mystery, why we must descend to ascend, the secret and hidden identity of the unknowable alien, and so much more. Get the book and learn more about Dr Halperin’s work at davidhalperin.net Subscribe and listen as a podcast here: https://pod.link/845230843

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