The Treatise on the Reintegration w/ M.R. Osborne

M.R. Osborne, a familiar face on our show, has previously delved into the profound doctrines of the enigmatic mystic, Martinez de Pasqually. Today, we turn our focus to Pasqually’s monumental work, “Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings Into Their Original Property, Virtue, and Divine, Spiritual Power.” This text stands as a unique Kabbalistic interpretation and a re-envisioning of Genesis. It offers an illuminating narrative that precedes and underpins the familiar biblical story, inviting us to explore the deeper layers and hidden meanings behind the tales we thought we knew. The “Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings” is much more than a historical artifact; it’s a rich and life changing mystical interpretation of the best known stories in Western civilization underpinned by a rich tapestry of gematria, Kabbalistic methods, Rosicrucian symbolism, and of Neoplatonic philosophy. Its core doctrine offers a unique perspective on the spiritual hierarchy of the universe. Pasqually’s work is pivotal in understanding the intricate connections between man, the divine, and the universe. It’s a profound exploration of spiritual cosmology, addressing the fall and potential redemption of humanity, and offering a path towards spiritual reintegration. Get your copy at:
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