The Spiritual Alchemy of JB Kerning w/ Ian H. Gladwin & Sam Robinson

Johann Baptist Krebs, AKA JB Kerning, was a mystic, masonic philosopher, and opera singer who created and taught a unique and powerful form of inner alchemy–one that went on to change the lives and influence some of the greatest spiritual teachers of the 19th, 20th, and now 21st century. Ian Gladwin has released a translation of a book of letters Kerning wrote on the practice and on masonic symbolism and both Ian, and returning guest Sam Robinson, come on to talk about the book, Kerning’s technique, it’s place in different streams of Rosicrucian spirituality, and its mighty influence. We had to cut this one a bit short so this will be a part 1 and expect it “to be continued!” Get your copy of Ian’s book, “Letters on the Royal Art:The Spiritual Alchemy of JB Kerning’s Esoteric Masonry” at Both Sam and Ian are involved with, check out the page for a diverse range of resources and perspectives on the Rosicrucian tradition. Sam’s been on TG before to talk about Kerning’s alchemy passes to the spiritual master Alois Mailander and then around the world, check out those shows at and Check out our Rosicrucian Playlist of past shows at:
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