The Secret Book of John Revealed Pt 1 w/Bishop Tim Mansfield

The Secret Book of John aka The Apocryphon of John is often considered the paradigm of the Gnostic myth, what many people think of when they think of Gnosticism. Though lost for more than 1200 years it was influential in its time and since its rediscovery has been blowing minds and bestowing Gnosis. It’s a tricky and intricate and thrilling meta-text that incorporates everything from Greek tragedy to Jewish mysticism to political commentary to the whole history of the cosmos. Bishop Tim Mansfield is our guest for an open conversation that ended up running THREE HOURS straight and we only scratched the surface of all this book can tell us and all the ways it can be interpreted. We’ve chopped the first part of the conversation into two separate eps and the third is more precise and about Temple Theology so it stands on its own. Subscribe and listen as a podcast here:

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