The Mystery of Existence….Exposed Right Here in This Post!

In our last post we ended talking about the beginning: the mysterious visions that Jules Doinel received that kicked the Gnostic Restoration into high gear.


Sophia, the Divine Feminine, instructed Doinel through the evocative phrase, “Only the Infinite is able to redeem the Infinite, and only God is able to redeem God.”

What does that mean?

Why was it important that Doinel hear it to establish a new church?

What does it matter for your spiritual life and for mine?

Many Gnostics are Panentheists. Meaning they reconize everything in creation has a little bit of God in it, BUT God is still bigger than everything that exists. So, the Divine is in you and me and the rocks and trees, however, God is still bigger and has an existence larger and more profound then all of those things added up. And in the Gnostic view it’s possible to even say God is trapped in all of this material “stuff.”

One of the things that attracted me personally to Gnosticism is this perspective of seeing the Divine everywhere, but still taking suffering and pain seriously. This world isn’t just a trick the Divine is playing on us, it’s not a dream God is having, we can’t use vision boards to end genocide because we’re actually programming reality with our positive thoughts…we’re all being crucified every second of the day and we need to do something about it.

In this month’s interview with Clark he explained how the Gospel of Mary teaches us we must overcome the rulers of this world to be spiritually free. Interestingly enough the Gospel both makes these rulers exterior entities AND aspects of the self. Wrath, darkness, and ignorance, keep us imprisoned in these painful systems, but if we overcome these things we can be free.

So examine yourself and your life and see what it is that’s oppressing your Divine Spark. Figure out how to overcome that ruler that’s jailing you in a torture dungeon. And don’t forget that it might be something inside of you that’s holding you back 😉 And if you need some encouragement and courage remember this always: You are higher than what rules this world. You are more powerful than any angel, demon, spirit, crappy job, bank, or maxed out credit card. You’re a lost deity, exiled from your true home in a place that isn’t always that great, but YOU ARE A GOD!

You knew The Invisibles would come up again, right? Via

So, that brings us back to both Doinel and our very first post on Blog Gnosis. If only God can redeem God then we must reconize our birthright, our Divine nature,  we must turn the God spark inside of us into a blazing fire. Then we can save ourselves and we can save others.

We got this folks, we can do it.

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