The Mysteries of “The de Grainville Manuscripts” w/ M.R. Osborne

Michael Osborne is a Talk Gnosis returning show champion with another needed new translation of a precious esoteric text: The de Grainville Manuscripts (AKA The Green Book AKA The Algiers Manuscript). His book is a new and unabridged translation of notes and journals of Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre André de Grainville (1728-1794), an initiate of the enigmatic spiritual master Martinez de Pasqually and a member of the the mysterious Élus Coëns. De Grainville, having progressed through the Order’s ranks, meticulously kept notes which offer a rare and fragmentary glimpse into the original rituals and teachings of the Élus Coëns, a secret 18th century French order of mystics who strove to work with spiritual powers to return humans to what they’re supposed to be. Get your copy at:
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