The Mindfulness Trap w/Dr. Ashley Frawley

Sociologist, author, podcaster, and writer Dr. Ashley Frawley comes on Talk Gnosis to talk mindfulness and challenge the prevailing narratives that frame it as a panacea for society’s ills. With a critical eye, she unpacks the journey of mindfulness from a simple practice to a widespread discourse touted as the solution to a vast array of social problems, from improving productivity to addressing mental health issues. The conversation navigates through the history of therapeutic discourses, revealing how mindfulness, much like the self-esteem movement before it, has been used by governments and corporations to place the onus of societal issues on the individual. By dissecting the rhetoric surrounding meditation and mindfulness, Dr. Frawley invites us to reconsider its role in society, questioning whether it truly serves as a force for change or merely perpetuates a cycle of deferral and blame-shifting. Get more Dr. Frawley at We mention her new book in the interview so check it out at:
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