The Lineage & Legacy of King Arthur w/Benito Cereno

Dive into the legendary tales of King Arthur like never before with Benito Cereno’s awesome new translation of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th-century classic, “Historia Regum Britanniae.” This seminal work, blending myth and history, offers the first comprehensive account of Arthur’s reign. Benito, a returning Talk Gnosis champion, brings his unique expertise to this edition, creating a highly readable version with insightful and humorous footnotes and commentary. And in this ep, Benito explores the fascinating, sometimes familiar and often bizarre aspects of this influential rendition of Arthur’s story. You know, or should know, Benito for his career as a comic book writer, podcast host of both the Apocrypals! Bible podcast and the Child’s Play/Chucky-themed Friends ‘Till the End, and as a free range classicist. His translation of “The Kings of Britain: The Lineage and Legacy of Arthur” is available through his Patreon. Join it now to access this masterpiece, along with a treasure trove of other content. Start with a 7-day free trial at, and discover why staying subscribed to his Patreon is a journey into a world of wonders.
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