The Lessons of Lyon: The Secret Tradition, Mysticism, & Divine Reintegration w/M.R. Osbourne

Founded in 1754 by the mysterious Martinez de Pasqually, the Order of Knight-Masons Elect Priests of the Universe (AKA the Élus Coën) practiced a system of white magic (theurgy) aimed at recovering humanity’s original, spiritual memory. Members of the secret fraternity worked tirelessly for the restoration of man’s inner divinity and eventual reintegration with God. M.R. Osbourne has published the first English translation of the “Lessons of Lyons” a collection of Élus Coën teachings made of notes and lectures written between 1774 – 1776 by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, Jean-Baptiste Willermoz and Jean-Jacques Du Roy d’Hauterive concerning the directions given by Martinez de Pasqually. We’re happy to welcome Michael back to the show and we know you’ll want to have a copy of the “Lessons of Lyon” for yourself so pick one up at
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