The Gnosis of Simone Weil w/ Nina Power & Emmalea Russo

Mystic, philosopher, and activist Simone Weil (1909-1943) was a fascinating thinker and activist whose influence only grows as the years go by. A convert from Judaism to Christianity her ideas about God’s absence and the separation of humans have startling correspondences with Gnosticism and Kabbalah while staying unique. Her life story intersects with some of the biggest events and movements of the first half of the 20th century and her mysterious death is still debated. To talk about Simone we have the returning champions, Nina Power and Emmalea Russo (both are poets/philosophers/professors and more!) to take us through her thought. Buy Emmaleas’ new book! Do it, it’s awesome: and while you’re at her homepage check out her writing and upcoming courses. Take Nina’s course on Simone Weil: and hit up Subscribe and listen as a podcast here:

One thought on “The Gnosis of Simone Weil w/ Nina Power & Emmalea Russo

  1. A very informative and educational writing that has given me a general awareness about the broader intellectual impact of the movement that is subsequently adopted by some Islamic groups having unorthodox interpretations.

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