The Gnosis of Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Musician (and philosopher/theologian) Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of the Transcendental Metal band Liturgy shares her Gnosis with us. Tune in to hear Hunter discuss her Kabbalistic-Mystical-Gnosticy metal opera “Origin of the Alimonies,” her insights into Christian theology and mysticism, art, Blake, Nietzsche, the Death of God, and…you know it… so much more.

You may want to listen to Origin of the Alimonies first, stream it on Hunter’s YouTube channel and while there check out her vids where she discusses theology and philosophy:

Buy the album and her past albums on Bandcamp at

This is part of our bonus “Black Iron Prison” series where we talk to creators and thinkers who might be outside of the Gnostic world or academia about Gnostic themes that show up in their work.

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