The Gnosis of Gurdjieff Part 2

In part two of our conversation with Richard Hodges of the Gurdjieff Foundation, we talk about Gurdjieff’s teachings on the development of the soul and the many “I’s” that a person identifies with. We delve into some of the origins of Gurdjieff’s thought, and we explore the Gurdjieffian view of the body, the essence, and the personality.
Special thanks to Bishop Lainie Petersen for filling in as co-host!

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One thought on “The Gnosis of Gurdjieff Part 2

  1. I wanted to note that the multiple “I”s as Mr. Hodges describes them in Gurdjieff sound very close to Carl Jung’s idea of “complexes”. The latter are multiple, they are more or less partial egos, which seem to take over our consciousness at various times. Jung used to say that it is not so much that we have complexes but that complexes have us…

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