The Bible & Booze: Our NYE Special w/Dr. Mathew Anderson

Dr. Matthew R. Anderson is a Biblical scholar, professor, and ordained Lutheran clergy and he’s the perfect guest for our New Year’s Eve special thanks to his new book “Pairings: The Bible and Booze.” From apple cider (Genesis) to bloody Caesars (Revelation), this book offers a collection of biblical texts paired with drinks reveals a rich complexity of scholarship while remaining satisfyingly easy on the palate. “Pairings” opens up generous undertones of prophetic justice and plush and full-bodied humour. Whether it be the book of Ruth, the Gospel of Matthew, or the Psalms of Contrition, peppery life observations and fragrant historical notes are kept superbly balanced, allowing a satisfyingly long finish of scriptural understanding. Find out more about the book and order your copy at Subscribe and listen as a podcast here:

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