The Apostolic Johannite Church acquires the GnosticNYC Network

Hi everyone! Here’s an exciting announcement from Father Tony Silvia, Executive Producer of the GnosticNYC Network:

It’s been a long time in the works, but I’m now very pleased to announce that the GnosticNYC Network is becoming the Gnostic Wisdom Network starting January 1st. The Apostolic Johannite Church has purchased the GnosticNYC Network. Here’s some backstory, and a brief explanation of why this is happening:

I created GnosticNYC in 2011 as a collaboration with the (now defunct) Alexandrian Gnostic Church in order to share resources in New York City. By collaborating, we were able to do more with our limited resources and show a true spirit of ecumenism between Gnostic denominations. The GnosticNYC Network came about in 2012 because I felt we could serve more people by sharing online the content we were creating locally. At first, this was just the lectures we held in New York City, but soon it became clear that there was a lot more demand for Gnostic education content, and Talk Gnosis was born. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings to other video shows and podcasts that relate to Gnosticism.
However, as the Network grew, and as my own personal circumstances changed, what we did with the Network had less and less to do with the local New York City stuff that GnosticNYC was doing locally. Combined with the fact that, after moving back to Massachusetts, I didn’t have an official “job” with the Johannite Church, it seemed to make sense for the Network to move to the AJC, and that would become my official AJC position. After several months of planning and negotiation, that has now happened.

You’re probably wondering what’s changing. The answer is- not very much. The name on the letterhead is changing. We’re now called the Gnostic Wisdom Network, and it is a ministry of the Apostolic Johannite Church. The content will remain exactly the same, and I will continue to run the Network as I always have. The shows currently on the Network are continuing without anything more than a cosmetic update. Your donations through Patreon and other sources will continue to be tax-deductible, and if you’re already a Patron, you won’t need to do anything, your pledges will continue.

I’m excited for this change, and I hope you are too. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Please email me at

Yours in the Light of Gnosis,
Fr. Tony Silvia

Statement by the AJC regarding the sale

3 thoughts on “The Apostolic Johannite Church acquires the GnosticNYC Network

  1. Greetings. Please, i am a Nigerian adult male. I am highly interested tọ be your member and tọ be enlisted as a Beginner in the Church. Kindly enlist me on your Mailing List for future correspondences and newsletters.

  2. Within Canada there is a lot os discrimination to GLBT ordination. Even catholic, anglican discrimination Byzantine Rsuaain/grec monastic msuic my favourite.
    With Johannite hiope to meet in Quebec, Canada a service opne that I can preach the gnostic Mary Mag. Thoams, Judas, Phillip without prejudice. Open to psychic mediumship (not interfaith). Would like to see a GLBT Johannite opne to Byzantine rite liturgy music is slavic or grec. My favourite is Cherubic, Enoch, Christ has risen from the dead. The diocese male priest in montreal of Catholic seminary(22 years)told me he will prey for New york ministry diversity but not Johannite is not catholic nor is GLBT eucharist welcome russain byzantine or priests he will not participate or welcome within diocece seminary or theology.

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