[Talk Gnosis] A long chat with SHWEP and Earl Fontainelle!

Settle in, folks, get comfy. This is a long chat with Earl, the driving force behind the Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast, or SHWEP.

Hosted by Jason Mehmel, with guest Shaun McCann of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

We cover a lot of territory in this wide-ranging discussion. As fans of the SHWEP, Jason and Shaun had lots to ask about and Earl’s wonderful responses kept the conversation going! We also asked listener questions which led to further fascinating places!

Earl was a fabulous guest, engaging with us as practicing Gnostics as much as we were asking him about his fabulous work!

If you’re not familiar with SHEWP, then get on board! Here’s some information about the show itself.

The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast is a chronological history-of-ideas narrative documenting the development of a central, but often-overlooked, collection of intellectual currents in the western world. The exact parameters of what constitutes western esotericism are an ongoing debate in academe, but they certainly include esoteric Platonism through history, alchemy, astrology, traditions of learned magic, occultism, and many types of thought usually considered under the imprecise term ‘mysticism’.

Found at http://shwep.net or wherever you get your podcasts!

(Note: We recorded this episode in March 2023, but technical difficulties delayed the release until now!)

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