Talk Gnosis Q&A Special 2…We Answer YOUR Questions!!

Many folks identify their religious journeys as quests, a word that shares in the etymology of “question.” So it’s not surprising that Talk Gnosis fans are such a curious lot. Periodically, we like to make a list of your questions and answer them in a special show. Here’s what we covered in this episode:

  • What are your thoughts on how to actually transcend the demiurge?
  • Once a Gnostic truly feels they’ve reached a point in their path of gnosis that they have broken free from the demiurge and can transcend, why wouldn’t they end their lives and escape this false reality?
  • What strategies do you use to keep your mind at peace?
  • Is ascension a mental process or a physical process?
  • I was recently playing a Japanese role-playing game called Persona 5 that involved a battle against Yaldabaoth. What is the weirdest place that you have seen overt gnostic references?
  • Why are you a Gnostic? You weren’t raised as Gnostics right?
  • If you guys are Gnostic priests then why do you wear Roman collars?
  • I still am unclear on how a Gnostic views the world. Can a canyon or a sunset or an ancient tree just be beautiful without any thoughts of the world being a veil pulled over our eyes?

As you might imagine, the conversation proved far-ranging, as Father Tony and Rev. Subdeacon Jonathan strove to answer these questions, each from his own perspective. Feel free to offer your own responses, either to the original questions or the answers given by the Talk Gnosis hosting team, in the comments.

Please note: This show was taped before the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. While the Talk Gnosis team answered the question of why Gnostics might choose to end their physical lives after achieving transcendence theoretically, we want you to know, in the most reality-based terms,  that you matter, you are important, and that your life has value.

If you, or someone you know, is considering suicide, please get help. The Suicide Prevention Hotline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255 or at The site also has valuable information for those who are concerned about the welfare of friends or family members.

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3 thoughts on “Talk Gnosis Q&A Special 2…We Answer YOUR Questions!!

  1. Hello GWN Tony/Jonathan,
    given that there are many translations and publications of Christian texts ; ” To instruct Followers ? “.
    Why are Christians told : To love their fellow man ?
    Do Gnostic Christians also love everyone and thereby grant them limitless forgiveness without judgement ?

    In the writings of, ” Julian of Norwich ” she advocates that : ” Christians should only love their fellow Christians. ” (circ. 1373+)

    Surely her revelations ( directly from God ) would be more appropriate to apply in everyday life ?
    Thereby, one will not be continuously taken advantage of by non-christians seeking to exploit this accepted teaching of universal love.
    Or have the Opponents of Christ already won the ‘argument’ by issuing corrupted Christian texts for their own destructive advantage ?

    So, the question is : ” Should Christians only love their fellow Christians ? ”
    ( Be they Christians of : Gnostic/Catholics/Protestants/Greek Orth. etc.)

    I follow the Fourth Way of Self Observation and like to play games to elicit responses so I can observe My reactions and Gnostic progress.

    I do hope you can comment upon my questioning comment. ( no hurry, so take time to reflect if you wish to answer.)
    Thanks Kevin.

    1. I can really only answer from my Gnostic understanding, and that is that all people are, fundamentally, a spark of Divinity and we need to interact with them as such. For me it’s really that simple.
      Fr. Tony

      1. Hello Tony,
        thank you for your prompt reply.
        This has been a reminder to myself that Self Observation is only the first stepping stone along my way.
        I have placed too much emphasis upon it ; it’s a cul-de-sac with a millstone to hold me here. I can now continue my game of escape with fewer distractions.
        Thank you once again Tony,
        The explanation is more for my benefit than for others ; writing is good therapy.

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