Snake in the Grass-podcast

In the continuation of our interesting conversation with Arthur Goldwag, conspiracy theory researcher, we discuss the origins of conspiracy theories, among other things. I’ll give you a hint, it’s probably aliens. We have such a great time, in fact, we go a little long. Bonus free podcast minutes!

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One thought on “Snake in the Grass-podcast

  1. Tony’s picture above captioned ‘ALIENS’ ; that is a gnostic message in plain sight for those who can see. Tony, the gnostic conspirator.
    We are aliens to this realm who have become, ‘sons of the house’ by forgetting our origin. (Mandaean)
    Exposing conspiracies, tends to attract lots of ‘misinformation’ to muddy the waters so that you lose interest ; gnostics ‘should’ know this.
    Conspire to manipulate events to suit your own agenda ; that is just not done, are you mad, are you a conspiracy nut ?
    Go back to sleeeeeepppppp………. who did I say was in control, yyaaawwwwnnnnnn ?
    You will never have Gnosis if you remain hypnotized to this realm. Question everything and Wake up ! Stop trying to please everyone ; Gnosticism does not appease.
    People get their feelings hurt being around a Gnostic.

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