[Pop Gnosis] The Green Knight–Xmas Special 2022

It’s our Christmas special and also another ep of our new show Pop Gnosis and wow…it’s also the reveal of our new host Rebecca “Bee” Scolnick! Bee and Jason will be exploring how Gnosticism is reflected in the cultural world around us, and how movies, music, art etc. have the capacity for gnosis, instead of only looking for it in explicitly religious, or explicitly historical texts. This time we’re watching 2021’s arthouse fantasy movie “The Green Knight.” It takes place in King Arthur’s court at Christmas and maybe the original 14th century poem it’s based on has some Gnosticism in it and this trippy, fascinating, and bold interpretation rules. We have a lot to say about it and you’re going to love this ep…I can say that because Talk Gnosis’ Deacon Jon is writing this and he was the guest, not the host, so he’s impartial. Buy Bee’s new book “The Witch’s Book of Numbers” at https://www.rebeccascolnick.com/the-witchs-book-of-numbers
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