[Pop Gnosis] Sandman: The Netflix Series

Welcome to another episode of Pop Gnosis! Today we’re going to be talking about the Netflix phenomenon Sandman, created by Neil Gaiman. We’ll touch on its comic history as well. On Pop Gnosis we take a look at the culture around us through a gnostic lens. Sometimes the connections are direct and easy to see, but sometimes maybe they’re lurking just underneath and need to be uncovered with a little digging. So that’s what we’re doing here! Gnosticism is full of mythology and mysticism, and one of the primary elements is imagining a level of reality that goes even higher than gods and angels. Sandman matches this with The Endless, forces that are older than anything, personifications of Dream, Death, Destiny, and so on. Forces that both rule reality and serve it, with strict duties to perform. The first season of Sandman dives into all of this, as Dream goes through a series of events that bring him closer to human experience than he’d ever dared to… dream?
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