Platonism & Ancient Gnosticism Part 3 w/ Joanne Leone

It’s said “philosophy started with Plato” and while Platonism is everywhere it has a special, intense, and weird relationship with Gnosticism. For more than three hours we examined it with Joanne Leone and now we’re wrapping it up with a discussion on the demiurge! Well not just the demiurge but so much on how the Gnostics engaged and transformed but ultimately embraced the Platonic thought of their time. If you listen to all three hours you’ll be the new philosopher king (or queen or ruler or whatever title you choose). The funny thing is, in some ways we only scratched the surface, it took us 9 months to get this out (we have A LOT of banked shows for y’all) but we’re hoping Joanne will come back on for a few hours/days/weeks more to keep it going sometime… Part 1: Part 2:
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