Making the Above Like the Below

We have a very special guest in the Rev. Shawna Atteberry for our After Dark podcast on the Gospel of Thomas’ Saying 22.  She helps unpack the mysteries of GoT with Bishops Lainie and Ken and our director Father Tony. You’ve got to check out our free-ranging discussion that goes everywhere from the gender politics of evangelical movement to Broadway’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Or download the podcast by right clicking and saving this link:

Talk Gnosis After Dark #37

One thought on “Making the Above Like the Below

  1. This is my take on the subjects discussed and I respect that your views are just as valid as mine, so anyway, here are a few comments. Tony is overcoming his previous reservations in expressing his spiritual views.
    Logion 22 : ‘ when you make two one …. then you will enter the Kingdom ‘

    When the Pearl merges with the Robe/Mantle, two becomes one. You are a brok-k-k-en Spirit that needs to become whole again by the ‘Spirit-Pearl’ letting go of all earthly connections or encrustations ; then the Robe will accept and merge with the pure Pearl. This is a letting go by the ‘Spirit-Pearl’ ; not a letting go by the body/soul in becoming an ascetic or libertarian. You may enter the Kingdom only as a whole Spirit.
    As for who is a worthwhile spirit guide/teacher, there is only one who will hear you and that is your Twin/Daimon/Guardian Angel/Watcher/Robe&Mantle ; regularly and silently talk to your Twin Spirit in contemplation/prayer (no spoken words!) and wait patiently for the unexpected reply. Address your waiting Spirit by a name e.g. My Spirit Robe of Glory please answer …. or, My Spirit Twin please help me to understand …..
    The male-female notion has no meaning to the androgynous Spirit ; sexuality is a bond of the physical body/soul. Scriptures are symbolic , a ‘woman’ means a spiritually ignorant person who can be of male or female physical gender … please take time to listen to Bill Donahue Hidden Meanings available on youtube. I agree with some of what he says, but most importantly is his demonstration of the symbolic writing style of all religious scriptures.
    Lastly, a valuable spiritual practice is that of spending a few hours in complete isolation and silence, so I shall shut up now and stop being the fool that I am.

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