Liberation, Social Justice, and Esotericism

Can esotericism be political? While many practitioners strongly believe that the practical application of esoteric teachings can make human beings more moral, loving, and kind, it often appears as though there is no connection between Western esotericism and social justice. In fact, many esoteric teachers and philosophies have been associated with right wing, or even fascist personalities and philosophies.

In his book, The Inner Church is the Hope of the World: Western Esotericism as a Theology of Liberation, our guest Nicholas Laccetti examines the esoteric tradition in the light of liberation theology, which has a decidedly leftist/Marxist bent. He joined us for a discussion of the current state of esotericism and its association with certain factions of the alt right.

We also discussed whether the perceived elitism of esotericism is compatible with social justice movements which typically support the idea of egalitarianism. Naturally, we had to ask about the archons (Gnostics can’t talk politics without ‘em) and the idea of a social qabala.

Regardless of your political persuasion, we hope that this show provokes thought and, possibly, action as you contemplate how a practice of inner development intersects with human history and social action.

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