One thought on “Juicy Gnosticism-podcast

  1. Perhaps Jesus said : ” Do not harm your Spirit by ‘virtuous deeds and speech’, because the the motive behind these actions come from the love of the physical realm ; it is that which will defile you and keep you rooted in the Kenoma ”.

    Try to ‘act’ spontaneously when feeling generous/virtuous ?
    Gnosticism can be/is destructive to the individual if misunderstood ; hence perhaps, the practice of Cathar communities of the past supporting the ‘Elect’ ? Heal the (spiritually) sick by your example of not clinging to the material realm ; spiritual reunion by knowing, not physical healing.
    For me, Not Clinging is the only Gnostic way ; rather like Buddhism/Hinduism but with the knowing of the dualistic nature of ‘things’ in this realm. Gnostic dualism.

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