John the Baptist Changed Everything w/Dr. James McGrath

Is John the Baptist one of the most important figures in religious history. For many he’s a footnote but prepare to have your understanding of early Christianity, Gnosticism, and Judaism challenged and expanded. Dr. James McGrath is back on Talk Gnosis discussing his groundbreaking new book “Christ Maker: A Life of John the Baptist”, offering fresh insights into one of history’s most influential yet enigmatic figures. Dr. McGrath presents compelling evidence that John the Baptist was far more than a mere precursor to Jesus. Drawing on a wide range of sources, including Gnostic texts and Mandaean scriptures, he reconstructs John’s life and teachings, revealing his profound impact on Jesus, early Christianity, Judaism, and even the origins of Gnosticism. From John’s unique baptismal practices to his vision for social justice, this interview explores how this “marginal precursor” shaped religious thought for centuries to come. Whether you’re a scholar, student, or simply curious about religious history, this fascinating discussion promises to reshape your view of John the Baptist and the roots of Western religion. Buy the book, get the book, stop what you’re doing and read the book! If you can’t afford to buy a copy, you can request your library purchase it:
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