Jesus the Necromancer

There are lots of interesting stories about Jesus both in the canonical Bible and in the extra-canonical sources. Some of these involve Jesus doing some things that looks suspiciously like magic, sorcery, and necromancy. We’ll explore some of those stories in this episode.

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Talk Gnosis After Dark #58

3 thoughts on “Jesus the Necromancer

  1. Anyone that raises the dead is a Necromancer. Anyone that goes into the belly of the earth to speak with the dead is a Necromancer. So, yes the worthless j-e-s-u-s did all these things.
    Also, it was the Magi who came. And the Magi were Sorcerers, Magicians, Star worshippers, and high priests, and masters at Astronomy. And it is the Magi who come to the one who will be king to
    educate that one in their ways.
    There is only one and the name is YAH Hallal U YAH full name YAHUAH and HIS branch is YAHUSHA. Have a good day

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