Jacob Frank: His Heresies, His Influence w/Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson

Jacob Frank was a Jewish messianic claimant in 18th Century Poland. Famous and influential in his time, he’s mostly remembered today as a cult leader, a madman, and a swindler, and -maybe- he was all these things BUT that doesn’t mean his thought, his religious ideas, and his life are not fascinating and worthy of study. In fact, some of his doctrines ring with echoes of Gnosticism, and his connections to the western esoteric tradition are startling. Our guest Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson’s new book “The Heresy of Jacob Frank From Jewish Messianism to Esoteric Myth” is a groundbreaking study of Frank, clearing up many misconceptions and laying out his surprising influence on the modern world. You don’t want to miss this one folks, it’s wild, strap in and tune in! This ep and all our content is also out as a podcast, subscribe where ever you usually listen or go to https://pod.link/845230843 Please note my self restraint in not naming this show “A Frank Discussion with Rabbi Dr.Jay Michaelson”.
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