“How Did We Get Here” & the Black Iron Prison w/ Sterling Bartlett

Sterling Bartlett is an artist whose new comic book “How Did We Get Here?” is a Gnosticism-laden “postmodern hellfire sermon” full of humour, insight, info, and pathos. Starring a para-physical, ultra-terrestrial entity named Void who plays the role of this generations Gnostic messenger breaking in from the Real, the book covers 10 topics ranging from the illusions of the art world to the false reality generated by the band, The Strokes. Sterling joins us in this bonus ep of our Black Iron Prison series, the series where we talk about Gnostic themes with creators and philosophers from outside of the Gnostic world. Buy your copy at https://firsttoknock.com/products/how-did-we-get-here Subscribe and listen as a podcast here: https://pod.link/845230843

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