Gospel of Mary Part 1

Clark Aitkins of the Johannite Church joins us to share his expertise as a recent graduate of Harvard with a Graduate Degree in New Testament and Christianity, where he studied with the renowned Gnostic scholar Dr. Karen King. Clark loves the Gospel of Mary and spent a lot of time at Harvard studying it. In this episode we give an overview of the Gospel of Mary, when it was written, how it was discovered, and how it was used. We discuss the nature of the Gospel as an instruction manual for Gnosis, the role of Mary as a teacher in many ancient Gnostic traditions, and the soul ascent visions that make up the second part of the Gospel. We also take an look at Grant Morrison’s “The Invisibles” series of comic books, and how the character Lord Fanny relates to this Gospel.

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Stay tuned for part 2, coming July 12th

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