Gnosis Through Art w/ Alex Coma

Alex Coma, artist and creative coach, returns to Talk Gnosis for a wide-ranging interview. We discuss his transitions from photography to painting, embodying the shift from tangible to metaphysical realms. Alex’s art, deeply symbolic and rich in metaphysical landscapes, serves as a conduit for exploring spiritual concepts, representing a transformative journey from self-discovery to serving humanity. His work, integrating esoteric and occult elements offers a portal to introspection and spiritual exploration. This episode not only showcases Alex’s unique artistic evolution but also introduces his current venture, Roze Umbra, where he merges various spiritual practices to guide creators towards crafting their lives with intention. Through his story and projects, Alex illustrates the powerful role of art and spirituality in unlocking the mysteries of the self and the universe, making this a compelling ep for anyone searching for gnosis through art. Get more Alex at : Retreats: Alex’s previous Talk Gnosis appearance:
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