Getting Divine With Seth

The religious geniuses who created the imaginative Sethian Gnostic texts composed wild myths that incorporated the heights of Greek philosophy, the power of Christian mysticism, and Judaism’s poetic lyricism. Scholarship is revealing more and more about their origins and beliefs and Dr. Dylan Burns’ new book Apocalypse of the Alien God: Platonism and the Exile of Sethian Gnosticism is at the forefront of the academic study of these Gnostics.

Bishop Lainie, Brother Jonathan, and Father Tony, geek out in this After Dark where we get to ask all of our Sethian themed questions to Dr. Burns. We go all the way back to Gnostic origins to what’s going on with modern groups trying to carry on their legacy. Plus the Five Seals! Apocalyptic ascents through the heavens!! Why the term Gnosticism is actually useful!!!

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Talk Gnosis After Dark #44

2 thoughts on “Getting Divine With Seth

  1. Another value to the Jewish perspective of Life as a cricle and not a line, is that not only do we never arrive (in this life), but we never permanently fail, unless we stop moving forward or this life ends without relationship with the One True God.And so when we fall, we shouldn’t see it as a failure, but a lesson on how to do better next time when we get to practice the knowledge we just acquired. DJP

    1. The question is: How are you going to remember lessons learned from this life when upon next reincarnation you forget everything and then you start all over again.

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