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  1. The broad church of gnostic beliefs ; so here is my perspective on L21.
    A non spiritual person asks Jesus : ” Whom are your knowers like ?” Jesus said : ”They are immature spirits for they are still encased in hyle which is alien to them. When the owners of the hyle return to claim the hyle the knowers will disrobe from the hyle and become pure spirit, free from the impurities of hyle. ( in the words of Peter Gabriel/Solsbury Hill ; you can keep my things…I’m going home. They will no longer reincarnate.)
    Therefore I say : Listen to your Spirit, and know that the hyle will try to reclaim you! Be wary and not allow yourself to be carried away or sullied again. Be watchful of the hyle! Be strong so that you are not seduced ; even virtue is no shield.
    May you know your Spirit to guide you to Jesus who will, when you are mature/’ripe’, lead you Home.
    If you know, What You Really Are ; you will understand.

    A few symbols?
    a woman (e.g. Mary) – one who is not spiritually aware of their own being ; a not enlightened person, regardless of sexual gender. Why preach/teach to the converted ?
    Little children/seven days old – immature spirits, just woken up to their true nature ; not fully developed and still vulnerable.
    Naked – To be pure, no impurities of hyle clinging to the Spirit.
    Hyle – matter, the material realm ; the absurd prison of form.

    All of you have touched upon the Spirit but for some reason just as quickly stop, and shy away from it ! The edge is there to leap off of ; you have to know what is in the abyss to wake up ! I guess that the soul still has you under its weakened power. Try watching the number one, very basic, gnostic film and it is on youtube :
    ”Runaway Train”(1985) Jon Voight/Eric Roberts and the soulful Warden Rankin and wise Sara…. see if you can spot the phoenix sweatshirt and the other symbolism. e.g. ‘he’ pushes the laundry cart! and tie it to logion 21 naked ? hahahaa, and the final symbolic jettison of ???….. stop there. The film is loaded with symbolism for you to find.
    As you have stated many times ; there is no single gnostic church and the above comments are a reflection of me ; thank you for your open forums and the amount of time/money/sacrifice you put into the calling.

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