Free Illuminism, Memphis Misraim, & Hidden Realms w/Dr. Allen Greenfield

In this episode of Talk Gnosis, Dr. Allen Greenfield, a renowned figure in occultism, paranormal work, ufology, and alternative spirituality, makes a much-anticipated return to the show after a decade. We talk about so much, from the men in black to what Gnosticism means for the modern age, though the main thrust is about Free Illuminism movement he helped ignite Free Illuminism is a different way of exploring occultism, mysticism, and the esoteric based on these principles: 1. Spiritual growth is incompatible with authoritarian structure. 2. Scientific Illuminism requires a non-dogmatic, experimental approach. 3. A free society linked in free communion should be actualized. 4. We facilitate, we do not lead. We do the Work, we do not extract oaths or dues, or require dogmatic beliefs. We also talk about his new book at the end, so get it and all his books at: Or order them in at your local bookstore if you don’t want to send some cash to the Amazon Archon.
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