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The beauty of the Gospel of Thomas is the layers and levels of meaning packed into every saying. On Talk Gnosis #41 we investigate Logion 23:

Jesus says: “I will choose you, one from a thousand and two from ten thousand, and those whom I have chosen will be lifted up, being one!”

This passage is a catalyst for Bishops Lainie and Ken, along with Father Tony and Brother Jonathan, to debate if Gnosticism is for all, to discuss union with the all, and to reveal the Gnostic trails laid out to us in our own lives.

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Talk Gnosis #41

One thought on “Following the Trail of Gnosis-podcast

  1. Thank you for the podcast and your views, I enjoyed the relaxed talking.
    Logion 23 is for me an example of what Gurdjieff taught ; Man is a plurality. Man’s name is legion.
    ” A person’s many thoughts, emotions and sensations are their many I’s which are traditionally numbered as ten thousand ; each one thinking itself to be the real I ”
    From these ‘ten thousand’ I’s there is one true You which will be chosen. Gnosticism has nothing to do with the charge of ”elitism” ; it is an individual Spiritual Experience of your divine nature. You are a Spirit. You are not a body/soul, so perhaps in knowing that, you are labelled an elitist. To know you are a Spirit is not allowed.
    As I have mentioned before, to become One, you merge with your Twin Spirit, then you can enter The Fullness/Pleroma/Home.
    Gnosis starts at a very young age and most quickly become ” a son of the house ” seduced by their ‘environment’ ; very few stay attuned to their ” alien origin ” and Gnostic calling.
    Like your podcast I have rambled on a bit.

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