Exploring Art & Esoterica w/ Nightgrowler

Ukrainian artist Nightgrowler shares his journey of discovering the profound connection between art and magic with Talk Gnosis and host Jason Mehmel. Nightgrowler delves into his exploration of Gnostic and esoteric ideas, the figure of the Demiurge, and his own artistic projects including a Tarot deck, planetary talismans, and a magical alphabet based on the Ukrainian language. Throughout the interview, Nightgrowler reflects on the transformative power of art as a means to process and integrate life’s challenges, even amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. He emphasizes the importance of creative expression and the healing virtues of beauty in everyday life. Check out his show for a unique perspective on the intersection of art, magic, and personal resilience. Get everything Nightgrowler at https://linktr.ee/Nightgrowler
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