ReUp: Epiphanies About the Mysterious Magi w/ Dr. Eric Vanden Eykel

Epiphany season, which marks the famous visit of the Magi to Jesus in the well known Christmas story, is upon us! And to celebrate we’re interviewing Dr. Eric Vanden Eykel, author of “The Magi: Who They Were, How They’ve Been Remembered, and Why They Still Fascinate.” Ancient historian and scholar Eric Vanden Eykel reveals what the author of the Gospel of Matthew may have meant to convey with this mysterious story of wise men from the East and helps us to understand both the Magi and the ancient and modern interpreters who have tried to study them. He shows how, from a mere twelve verses in the Gospel of Matthew, a varied and vast literary and artistic tradition was born. Get the book where every you buy them or grab it on Amazon:  [audiosrc=] 


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