Enlightened Sage or Fat-Headed Egoist?

Deacon John DiGilio has a background in both Gnosticism and Eastern traditions so he’s the perfect guest for us to ask about the criticism that Buddhism and Gnosticism is too self-centered. Here on After Dark the Bishops continue our Gnarcissism episode, with the addition of Father Tony, and get deeper into the effects of individual spiritual practices, the question of “is Gnosticism is only for special smart folks?”,  fancy hats and titles, and the fact that this whole reality is just happening in Father Tony’s head.

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Talk Gnosis After Dark #47

One thought on “Enlightened Sage or Fat-Headed Egoist?

  1. As the gnostic prisoner stood in court, the demiurge judge said in a loud voice : ” You are charged with the crime of ‘Gnarcissism’ ; how do you plead, Guilty or Not Guilty ? ”
    After a short pause the Gnostic replied, ” Guilty judge ; upon reflection I am guilty of loving my spirit ”

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