Christanity’s Secret History w/ Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon is a former priest turned psychotherapist and writer, and he’s written a book, “A Secret History of Christianity,” that reveals wisdom crucial for understanding what Christ’s message truly is. Neither a conspiracy book or an alternate esoteric history, Vernon shows how understanding the shifts and changes in human and societal consciousness over the course of human history is one key to understanding ourselves and the divine. And how mysticism, art, creativity, and mythical imagination are needed right here and now to heal the world.

One thought on “Christanity’s Secret History w/ Mark Vernon

  1. Hello,
    I don’t know too much about Gnosticism and would like to learn more.
    I’ve heard that Gnostics believe that the material is inherently evil. If you believe this, why do you believe your God created the material to begin with (when angels and other non-material creations already existed).
    And if you believe in the Old Testament, why do you believe God called his physical, material creation “good” (Genesis 1:31).

    Thank you.

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