Chakras & Western Esotericism w/Phil Hine

We’ve been meaning to have occultist and writer Phil Hine on Talk Gnosis for awhile and now we have the best possible reason: to talk about his new book “Wheels within Wheels: Chakras and Western Esotericism”. With Phil we follow the journey of chakra concepts from their roots in Indian Tantric traditions to their adoption and adaptation by Western esoteric circles. He details the initial engagement with chakra ideas by Western thinkers, particularly through the Theosophical Society, and how these ideas were transformed, reinterpreted, and reshaped. Wake up your kundalini by watching this ep and finding out what chakras have to do with the Book of Revelation, Aleister Crowley, colonialism, and the development of spiritual syncretism in the modern era. Get the book in paperback or Kindle form at Get more Phil at: This ep and all our content is also out as a podcast, subscribe where ever you usually listen or go to
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