Catching the Light of the “Secret Revelation of John” w/Dr. Shirley Paulson

The Secret Revelation of John was lost to humanity for almost a millennia and a half, and now that we have it again, what light can it shine on the human condition and our relationship with the Divine? What healing can it bring to a world that feels more broken than ever? Dr. Shirley Paulson’s new book “Catching the Light: The Secret Revelation of John” is a highly readable, powerful, and original guide to Secret John. Combining the best in scholarship with penetrating spiritual insights, Dr. Paulson illuminates the story of Sophia, the Demiurge, the Savior, and of us all. Check out this Talk Gnosis interview with her about it, then head over to her site to buy a copy, subscribe to her podcast, take her courses on other NHL texts, and read the blog.
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