Brother 12: The Rock Opera w/ GW Brazier & Belinda Peres

You know a rock opera about the true story of an esoterically inspired cult leader would grab our attention…plus the sex, drugs, gold, and bull whipping! So we interviewed GW Brazier, the creative force behind Brother 12: The Rock Opera, and its producer, Belinda Perez. The project brings to life the enigmatic and controversial figure of Brother 12, a 1920s cult leader who promised salvation from an impending apocalypse. The creators blend theatrical drama, a post-punk gothic soundtrack, and a touch of dark humour to craft a provocative performance. In the interview, GW and Belinda discuss the story of Brother 12, the musical influences, and the creative process behind the show. They delve into how they adapted historical events and characters for the stage, blending fact with creative license to tell a compelling story. The show not only tells the captivating narrative of Brother 12’s rise and fall but also reflects on contemporary themes of charisma, manipulation, and the human desire for belonging. The rock opera is both an exploration of, and a critique of, the darker aspects of leadership and belief, set to the backdrop of an 80s-inspired musical journey. Listen to the soundtrack and get more details (and contact the team if you want to bring the show to your town) at
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