Audio Archons and Our Favorite Books

We could talk about books all day. In fact, there are days that we do just that. This is only an hour, but we talk about some really terrific books covering Gnosticism and esoterica.

There’s some  audio interference at about the 11 minute mark, and it gets really bad about 12 minutes in. Sorry. Technology is hard. But it passes quickly.

One thought on “Audio Archons and Our Favorite Books

  1. The Acts of John
    The Daughter of Fortitude received by Dee and Kelly
    Mister Miracle by Grant Morrison
    The VALIS Trilogy (well quadrilogy counting Radio Free Albemuth) by PKD
    Everything by April Deconick
    Voices of Gnosticism by Miguel Conner
    The Invisibles by Grant Morrison
    Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings by Martinez De Pasqually, translated by Trevor Stewart
    The Redbook by Louis Claude de Saint-Martin
    Promethea by Alan Moore

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