Angelology, Cabala, Gnosis, & Pico’s Path of Enlightenment w/Greg Kaminsky

A forgotten path of enlightenment. A young genius assassinated in his prime for bringing Gnosis to the world. The recovery of a suppressed perennial wisdom that saves. The mysteries of the angels. Kabbalistic secrets unveiled for all. The hidden gnosis and history of a figure who changed the world and whose impact is still felt today. Giovanni Pico della Mirandol AKA Pico is a Renaissance philosopher and one of the architects of the modern age and friend of the show (and one of the greats in occult and mystical podcasting)

Greg Kaminsky is here to tell us about his new book on Pico, called “Celestial Intelligences.” Tune in and discover for yourself how Pico’s thought and insight is a valid path of spirituality for even now!

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