Angelic Hangouts-podcast

Frater Aschen Chassan is a practicing occultist and grimoiric traditionalist who has been involved in traditional forms of Western ceremonial magic for over fourteen years. He joined us on Talk Gnosis to discuss working with angels and he stuck around to keep the conversation going for this edition of our After Dark podcast. As the podcast portion frequently tends to the wide-ranging Bishops Lainie and Ken, and Father Tony, have a conversation with the good Frater that traverses all levels, dimensions, and states of being. Some of what we cover includes the Frater’s early supernatural experiences, the role of angels in a Gnostic worldview, what working with angels means spiritually, life after death, and gifts and callings.

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Talk Gnosis #45

Get the new paperback edition of Frater Aschen Chassan’s book right here: Gateways Through Stone and Circle

Check out his blog: A Magician’s Workings

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