An Intro to Jung w/Dr. Florian Kleinau

Finally! Talk Gnosis is hype to present to you our first proper show on the thought of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. Dr. Florian Kleinau comes on the show to provide a comprehensive overview of Jung’s key psychological concepts. Florian expertly explains Jung’s ideas on the collective unconscious, archetypes, the shadow, and the process of individuation. We go through common misconceptions about Jung’s work and highlights its continued relevance in modern psychology, society, and religion. We go through Jung’s fascination with alchemy as a metaphor for psychological transformation, and explores how his theories relate to contemporary issues like ecological and humanitarian crises. We lightly touch on Jung’s relationship to Gnosticism and Daoism but those are topics to go deep with on future shows. This interview offers valuable insights for both newcomers to Jung’s ideas and those looking to deepen their understanding of his analytical psychology. Check out Florian’s YouTube Channel at Get Florian’s books at Take his course on Jung at
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