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In this vlog I tell you about the GWN and why I do what I do to help spread the Light of Gnosis through these videos and podcasts.

Any opinions expressed in this vlog are not necessarily those of the Gnostic Wisdom Network, the Apostolic Johannite Church, or any other organization.

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  1. Hi Father Silva,

    I read your book: Silvia, Anthony. (2013) Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame. A Guide to Johannite Spiritual Practice. Copyright ©Silvia, Anthony. I have just recently (very recently) written a Gnostic text. There is some information regarding the Apostle John and the break-up of the Johannine Community that you wrote (and talked about online) which I added into the history presented before a person reads my book and translation and interpretation of the Secret Revelation of John. I also got “the Community of the Beloved Disciple by R. Brown after you spoke.” I quote some of your words about the Gospel of John in my new book:

    Brantingham, James. (2020) Holy Wisdom and the Logos of God. The Four Lost Apocryphal Christian Gospels: The Gospel of Truth. The Gospel of Philip. The Gospel of Thomas & The Gospel of Mary With the Secret Revelation of John. Pub. Apple Books. AmazonKindle. ASIN: B083H5X6T9.

    This book of mine above is right now free at Amazon (and for a few more days). As you can see it has four “Gnostic Gospels” and the Secret Revelation (or Book) of John. It will be free a few more days then go back to its normal price ($9.99).

    I think I offended one of the Father’s at your church and I am sorry about that. In fact I said something in a rather “evangelical” way (my mistake – and I feel bad about it). However I think that was anywhere form a year to two years ago. Since that time I have changed quite a lot in what I believe and think and would now call myself an ‘Eclectic Christian” (with the emphasis on “Eclectic” and by this I do not mean a denomination (if one exists). For various reasons I am open many other sources (of course many Gnostic texts which I love) and also other spiritual materials and texts. I am a Scientist (and with my PhD in Clinical Research from the University of Surrey in the UK) I did a great deal of high level research over 35 years. I am now retired at the age of about 70.

    Though my first attempt in 2017 was a translation of the Gospel of Philip (and I admitted it was somewhat ‘slanted’ to have a “Canonical” feel). But in my introduction I said everything that I intended to do so no-one and would be mislead (and like “tricked” into mainstream Christianity0. To my surprise (and it has sold well at amazon) but the majority of readers (at least those who have written reviews are clearly “Gnostic Oriented). Most of these Gnostics or Gnostic-Christians have liked the book very much. However I have had a few that have described it as well no better than a pile of “Pauline garbage and dribble,” and worse! I certainly did not set out to make it “Pauline” but that’s OK.

    In the new book (which also essentially includes my 2017 GPhil), in the other texts I have moved more toward a more strait-forward translation of the Coptic. But I still try to bring more to it and sometimes even add in here and there an interpolation. But again the introduction tells you everything I will (and did) do in these texts. My Gospel of Truth tries to be the “beautiful” Gospel so many Scholars (and especially those who have translated it) say it is. Some of my sources such as the 1960 Kendrick Groebel essentially interlinear Coptic to English translation deeply moved me. And I have used many other Coptic to English interlinear Gospel of Truth translations such as that by Mark Mattison as well as looking closely at the new and excellent work of Geoffrey Smith’s “Valentinian Christianity (including his Coptic to English translation.)” And I used many, many more English translations (such as by Marvin Meyer and Einar Thomassen’s.).I know just enough Coptic to be able to “check this or that thing in a particular translation,” but I am dependent on other’s Coptic translations.

    Anyway, I hope you get the free Kindle of my new book. I am not asking you to do anything. But if you enjoy it I might appreciate your letting me know. Maybe you will not like it. One other thing might be interesting to you and that’s a section on the state of “Science” today as it relates to Spirituality. I am a bonafide scientist and have published in some of the worlds top Medical Journals (like Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; the Journal Foot (Edinburgh); the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics; the Journal of electromyography and kinesiology: official journal of the International Society of Electrophysiological Kinesiology; and had many breakthroughs (“firsts’) with research through Randomized Controlled Trials that have changed the way “Medicine” is practiced today world-wide. So I am no slouch scientist. But I am bothered by the now openly hostile attitude toward “God,” and “Spirituality” which is really rather harshly pushed aside and “not allowed” even totally away from scientific laboratories or centers. It is now about the “opposite” as it was to Galileo! Luckily there are great scientists working in the “non-material” sciences now like Gary Schwartz, Dean Radin, Julie Beischel, and many others whose work (if being scientific in one’s appraisal) cannot simply be dismissed.

    James Brantingham PhD

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