A Real Trip Through Lent-podcast

Lent is a time for growth. On this Talk Gnosis hosts Bishop Lainie and Bishop Ken are joined by our director Father Tony for a real trip through Lent. We cover a universe of subjects all while relating back to how you can use the Lenten season to advance further on the spiritual path.

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Talk Gnosis #43

2 thoughts on “A Real Trip Through Lent-podcast

  1. An experience i had with salvia divinorum, i thought would be worth mentioning. Shortly after inhalation, i felt 2 beings above me, discussing whether or not i was ready for the experience. Well, they decided i wasnt. I had an overwhelming feeling that someone was about to bust through and pull me out of reality. Sort of like a “man behind the curtaian” certainly i was not ready. The problem with entheogens in the US is, that we do not have a framework for it. We dont have shamans who can get you through it.

    1. Hello Tom,
      thank you for sharing your experience ; your Spirit is your guide, no corporeal person is capable of knowing or even understanding what has been given to you. Gnosis is a step by step personal awakening and ???? , it’s a ”slow” process ; well, for me anyway, as my first ‘big’ experience was some six plus years ago. Very different from yours though. What others say and write can be both helpful and an hindrance ; just like this comment is.
      If you would care to read of a similar experience to your own, then I can recommend that you google….’ the forbidden religion pdf ‘…. read pages 105 & 106 ; then, perhaps the whole book, and take what you like and leave the rest, with respect.

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